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A Friend is Forever

An eminent person once wrote "A Friend is Forever". Is there a better foundation philosophy for our club than that simple phrase? I think not!

Many people ask me "What is Gyro?" In my experience, from the first day as one of the charter members, it has been really easier to explain what we are not. We are not a service club, nor a loosely-knit dance club, nor a Toastmasters, nor a breakfast club. I know of no one in our organization who belongs for ulterior motives. If we are none of these, then what is the tie that binds? The answer is simple and unequivocal; the principle of friendship.

With such a simple theme, what better group in which to broaden our existing friendly relations and make new friends? Many a Gyro has been helped through a troublesome time by the consideration, empathy, and ongoing spirit of Gyro friends.

More can be said, but it all points to the same philosophical thrust; "A Friend is Forever".


Doug Dolliff (with wife Norma)
Charter Member
Metro Gyro

1968 - 2004

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